Fiver Challenge

Fiver Challenge

What could you do with £5?

Fiver Challenge Report - Young Enterprise & Young Money

Due to the restrictions still in place, this year you can once again take part in the Fiver challenge at home.

Fiver from Home has been developed so you can experience how to create a business idea, plan it and then pitch it – all from your home!

The challenge is to work by yourself, or with the people in your house, to imagine a business that would sell a product or service, and to think about how this could get started with just £5.

Step 1 – Think it!

The first thing to do is decide what product you are going to sell or what service you can offer. raw or write down all your ideas of the businesses you need to start with £5. For example, you could sell stickers or reusable straws, wash cars or walk dogs! It could be selling food, or a car wash – there are no bad ideas! Write or draw whatever you think of.

Your Business Name & Logo

Every business needs to stand out to attract customers. Your logo might be the first thing that customers see. It should stand out and let people know what you sell. Think of your business ideas, choose one and then create your business name and create your logo.

If you can’t think of a name maybe you can use your own name or what you sell to help you to make one.

Use the “Top tips for creating a logo” sheet to make your logo the best it can be!

Don’t forget to tell us why you select your business name and logo. E.g.

My business name will be…because…

I have created this logo because…

Remember to email all your ideas, business name and logo to your class email or bring your designs and ideas in to school; so that you can receive your certificate at the end of the challenge!

Good luck and I can’t wait to see all your ideas, we had some amazing ones last year!

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