Spectacular Shapes!

It’s great to see how learning about shapes can happen in so many different ways. Every day, we are surrounded by shapes (both large and small, 2D and 3D) but we might not even notice them! Diamond Class have used the shapes around them to help learn all about triangles, squares etc. Could you go on a shape hunt and see what shapes you can find around your house/school?

Last week we started learning about shapes. To get ready we looked for shapes as part of our home learning. We searched for shapes around our homes and made shape pictures. Next we went on a shape hunt outside. We looked for shapes and took photos. We tried to name and describe shapes and looked […]

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Day 100 in Onyx Class

What a fantastic day of maths completed by Onyx Class, all about Day 100. Our pupils have been in Prince Edward, this academic year, for 100 days and Onyx Class celebrated this by undertaking numerous mathematical challenges, surrounding the number 100. Excellent!

We have been counting to Day 100 since we first started full time school way back in September. Can you remember our first days at school? Have a look at the blog post from when we started school. Click here to see it. We’ve all done a lot of growing since then and have got a lot cleverer! We […]

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Fractions, fractions, fractions!

What fantastic work completed by the children in Sapphire class on fractions – it’s great to see children using concrete methods to learn and understand a new mathematical skill. Keep up the great work!

Today in Sapphire class we continued our work looking at fractions. We were all given a square piece of paper and we had to fold it into lots of different fractions. We thought that ½ and ¼ were easy to make, however we found fractions such as 1/3 a little trickier.

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Time for Time!

It’s great to see that the tricky concept of ‘time’ can be taught in such a fun way… keep it up Sapphire Class!

This week in Maths we have been learning all about time. Today we were investigating how long a minute actually is by seeing how many of something we can do in 1 minute. First we had to see how many star jumps we could do. Then how many times we could count to 10. Then how […]

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*Update* Young Mathematician Award

Unfortunately, our Year Six mathematicians, who competed in the Regional Finals of the National Young Mathematician Award before Christmas, have not made it to the National Finals of this competition. However, we are all (staff & pupils) extremely proud of their efforts, especially as they’ve achieved more than any other mathematical team in our school – well done guys!

National Young Mathematicians’ Award 2016 *UPDATE*

Tremendously exciting news! Our Prince Edward Team has successfully qualified for the REGIONAL FINAL of the National Young Mathematician Award 2016, which will take place on Wednesday 23rd November.

Our team received some really positive feedback from the organisers, as well as tips on how we could improve, which was great to have.

Feedback for the team

“The team worked really well as a team and were splitting up the work really well within the team. They need to work more on having a systematic approach rather than just trial and error. This will help them with providing proof for their mathematical reasoning.”

National Young Mathematicians’ Award 2016

On Tuesday 8th November, four of our most talented Year 6 mathematicians travelled to the National Young Mathematician Competition, where they had to complete a series of challenging mathematical problems.

The National Young Mathematicians’ Awards are the only team maths competition for primary schools in the UK. The competition, now in its seventh year, is run in conjunction with the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge and is designed to inspire and challenge talented mathematicians from across the UK.

The competition will consist of three rounds. The first is a regional knock out undertaken at an Explore Learning centre on the 8th, 9th or 10th November. Winners will go through to the Semi Final on the 23rd November where school teams will battle it out against other top schools in their region to try and win a space at the Grand Final taking place at the University of Cambridge on 7th December.

Fingers crossed our team from Prince Edward’s make it to the next round! Watch this space…